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“I am writing to thank you and your instructors for the fantastic support and instruction they provided to Bucks ACF during our Annual Camp. They all went above and beyond their contractual obligations. With incredible enthusiasm they provided a programme of training at the relevant level for each cadet.
The package was basically the same as last year, yet every cadet I spoke to said it was far better than last year. This can only be down to the instructors.
Obviously we will continue to build up our in-house capability, but if we are short in any areas next year. I will be fully recommending to our Commandant that we priorities your company in the provision of instructors.”
County Training Officer ACF Aug 2012


“The whole process from asking for a quote to confirming the instructor details was simple and user friendly, the work required by myself to achieve the end state of confirming instructors for the events was minimal.  At all times I was confident that what had been agreed was going to be delivered.  I would certainly use this organisation again.”
CEO YACF Aug 2012

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